Ann Hardy 

She is living life as fully and well as she knows how. For Ann, the joy of painting is in the process (journey) and not the destination. Growth in life and art is the most exciting thing she can think of.  You must be willing to risk and be at home in your own skin.  For her it’s fun to be slightly?? eccentric (and she plays that to the hilt) by painting in a 12 by 12 foot treehouse, and the following:  She has cooked for 6 others on a 51 ft. sailboat in the Grenedine Islands, drove a van of 8 women artists in Gwatemala, backpacking Scotland and England, rode up the Tetons horseback from Jackson Hole, Wyoming, tenting for a week, rode a 20 year old mule around Texas following a wagon train for 2 weeks, backpacking with daughter in the Rockies for several days, painting and drawing in Bali, Italy, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, France (Paris), Greece, France (Chateau du Soudin), Habitat for Humanity in Belise, King Salmon fishing in Sitka, Alaska, painting in Argentina, and the most precarious of all---decided to earn her livelihood as an artist.

108 S. Main Street  |  Saint Jo, Texas  |  76265,     940.995.2786

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