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George H.  Jones

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George H. Jones paints images that capture love, humor, romance, and happiness. George’s work is influenced by a combination of many artists living and deceased but his first cousin Carol was his early inspiration at about the age of five. For over fifteen years, George focused primarily on detailed pencil renderings and watercolors.

In 1982, George made the change and decided to focus on oils about 95% of the time. Oils are his medium of choice now because of the richness of the colors and the 3-D effect that is created by the liberal application of paint. The thick fresh chunks of paint and the blending, turning and rolling off the palette knife is mostly for what George is known.

“I used to paint more realistic (photographic) paintings but they didn’t have the freshness or fun that my work has now. Most of my collectors tell me they like the fact that they can identify the subject matter but they really appreciate the abstractness of the finished piece.”

Fearsome Five

Fearsome Five

Oil on Canvas 36x30, $2,500

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