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"Cowgirl Spirit", Box of Cards, 3 each of 4 images

"Cowgirl Spirit", Box of Cards, 3 each of 4 images


1. "Red River Rider"  This Cowgirl is every one of us on our best days.  Confident and happy, the reins of life grasped firmly in her hand, her broad smile says it all.  The Chinese characters for "water" are on her saddle blanket and tell us that, for now, life is fluid.  The ride today is so smooth-the sky clear and cloudless and the red horse of life so under control-that staying the course, symbolized by her faithful dog, is no problem.  

2.  "Bedtime Stories"  Stretched out under a starry sky with the fish above her, symbolizing the feminine, the cowgirl reads from the bear's book of wisdom with its paw print on the cover.  The bear is a guardian animal of healing and the maternal but its outstretched claws remind us that it is fierce and wild too.  Lying on the checkerboard blanket- an emblem of balance- the cowgirl learns there is a place in life for both strength and softness of heart. 

3.  "Five Gray Mares"  The laughing cowgirl is in her element, surrounded by faithful companions.  She reaches out to the horse in the center with one hand while her other spellls out the word for "joy" in American Sign Language-a reminder that the simplest lelasures in life are often best.

4.  "Strings Attached"  When the bull kicks his heels high and sends the cowgirl and her hat flying she's hurtled from the present into the unknown future.  while the big smile on her face tells us she's enjoying the ride, the strinding cowgirl on the right-the reigns of life in her hand-reminds us that the future is always informed by the past.  Where we're going next always includes where we've been.  

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    Single note cards are available for $2.00 when included with another purchase.  


    Gift Cards are made by Elizabethan Productions

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