Lovepop: Hummingbird 3D Card

Lovepop: Hummingbird 3D Card


The Hummingbird pop up features a forest green cover laser-cut with a light green hummingbird hovering above a pink honeysuckle.

Once opened, an intricately designed and colored hummingbird reveals itself suspended above light green panels with wings outstretched behind its back. The Hummingbird’s head has a blue beak, lime green face, red throat, and dark green crown. The bird, hovering over yellow and purple flowers, also has light and dark green wings, a white belly, and orange talons.

Inspiration for the Hummingbird card:
One designer cannot take all the credit for this beautiful design because as few as four of our designers helped create the Hummingbird pop up.

What remained constant throughout the process of creating the card was the desire to make sure that it was light and sweet, just like its nectar-eating real-life counterpart.

We think they did a fantastic job and hope that you do, too!

Occasions for the Hummingbird card:
Gift the Hummingbird to your nature-loving grandmother, your social bird of a BFF, or a birdwatching hobbyist on their birthday. 

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