Debra Fox 

Debra was born in Dallas Texas in 1960.  She studied large format, gelatin silver and alternative methods of photography under the mentorship of Charles DeBus, Senior Lecturer in Photography at Southern Methodist University.  The pressed plant exposures are not photography as it's generally thought of today.  The photogram or photogenic drawing process dates back to the 1830's.  These light sensitive methods reflect the humble beginnings of photography before photographic materials were light sensitve enough to use with lenses.  The flowers, leaves and insects for the negatives are manipulated.  The final print can take from 4 days to 9  months of exposure to the sun.   Although She loved each form of photography in its own right, it was the more alternative light sensitive methods of creating an image that truly inspires her.   She currently lives on and helps maintain a 3500 acre wildlife/nature preserve on the Red River.  

108 S. Main Street  |  Saint Jo, Texas  |  76265,     940.995.2786

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