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Nathan Novack


Artist Biography

Nathan Novack is a native to the extreme corner of the Midwest within reach to what is known as the West and Southwest regions.  Here, he grew up alongside 13 siblings. As part of a family business, he spent many years prepping and painting in and out of residential houses to work through a big portion of education. On a large scale he developed an understanding of process, layers, color, lighting, texture, and most importantly problem solving.

Novack received his Associates Degree in Fine Arts at Garden City Community College then attended Kansas University where he studied graphic design and transitioned into art education. After receiving his Bachelors of Fine Arts and Bachelors of Science in Education from Fort Hays State University, Nathan taught high school and middle school art for 14 years. He has learned just as much from his students as they have learned from him. Always intrigued by the untapped talents and minds of the students when creating, believing that there is art for everyone– whether two-dimensional or three-dimensional, abstract or representational.

Novack continues to progress in his professional artist status, as he explores the many paths of fulfillment of a painter. He is drawn to many representational and contemporary western artists. Studying and observing their styles and techniques help prove and support the effective uniqueness of perceptions with similar themes and subjects.

Artist Statement

The sense-breaking of dignified animals and locations flirting with the notion between wild and domestic has a curiosity to capture and communicate environmental beauty. Within the location, I can confidently say that I'm truly compelled by the array of variously composed visions. The borders of the states seem to not be enough to justify the lines of differences among us nor our lifestyle. Instead, the terrain with all its variables help dignify my creative endeavors. Through these observations, there is an artistic compassion, an inspiration within that revolves into a conceptual display resolved on to the surface. These include the agricultural structures of the Midwest, the Southwest bovines and their terrain, along with the Western wildlife and its terrain. They all share the ever changing wide open skies from one moment to the next. In particular, I enjoy painting barns, bison and longhorns which all share a relevance that magnifies from my perspective, embedded as a oneness to their surroundings. With encounters I want to articulate this majestic beauty that is naturally integrated.


When creating, I feel and believe the Lord has his hand in everything big or small. The small things make the big things work, like that of brushstrokes to build up a painting as unified. As an artist, I am blessed to have the freedom to create and narrate a vision of importance. The combination of details in realism and the simplicity of contemporary art continues to push my story forward.

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