Kelly Yandell 


“Target Practice” is a body of work that is, at its simplest, a photograph result of shooting firearms of various calibers at steel targets. As a photographer and a shooter, my eye was drawn to the patterns that were being formed by the impacts of the bullets when my husband and I would spray paint the targets to be more visible from a distance. This began with plain white paint and bullet impacts that looked like blueberries to me. I had a fanciful notion that I could paint miniature abstract pieces by altering the layering and colors of the paints on the targets. None of the impacts shown in the works were larger than three inches in diameter, in reality. I used macro photography to try to capture the miniature explosions of color.

Guns and shooting mean very different things to different people. This is particularly true right now. For me, these represent warm afternoons passing time with my husband in Clay County, Texas. I leave room for viewers to see other things, whether literal: flowers, oceans, vibrant colors, or abstract: destruction, force, sport. ”


Kelly Yandell is a photographer based in Dallas, Texas. She shot this series, and does most of her creative work at her Clay County ranch.