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Billy Leavitt


I grew up in West Texas in a little town called Alpine. Graduated from Texas Tech University and am now a proud and thankful employee of Texas Farm Credit.

Married to Debi Leavitt, an angel on earth. I have 2 grown children, Mason and Jordan, and have been blessed with an incredible daughter in law, Sierra and a great son in law, Jon.

My company is called M1926. My favorite book in the Bible is Matthew. There is a verse, Matt. 19:26 that says “But when Jesus looked at them and said with men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”


Our lives here on earth are filled with failure, temptation and sin, yet Christ died for our sins. I believe only thru God and my savior, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, can I be forgiven and begin each day striving to hear God’s instruction.


My Dad was born in 1926, and instilled in me a belief that one should never give up, keep fighting the good fight. He produced incredible cutting boards and other wood projects. His brand was “Handcrafted by Bill Leavitt". Even though my work doesn’t compare to his, the M1926 brand on my work is my way to honor him and keep him in heart as well. I am a lover of open land, rural life, country people, dogs, and making saw dust!


“But with God all things are possible.”

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