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Dave Shafer


Dave Shafer was born and raised in the hard working steel country of Western Pennsylvania. At an early age his Dad introduced Dave to the camera, the magic of the darkroom, and the love of baseball.

It was all baseball for this slick fielding 2nd baseman––until sliders finally got the best of him. For photography, it's been 20-plus years of being a location photographer that keeps the fire burning.

Once, on assignment in the Bahamas, a 92 year old Bahamian woman told Dave...“the more sunrises and sunsets he sees, the less his bones will ache as he grows old”. He's waiting to find out if she was right.

Today, Dave's roots are planted firmly in North Texas as he chases stories and light. Oh, and from time to time you'll find him in a batting cage taking a few swings.

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