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Katie Sickles Rust


Katie Sickles Rust, daughter of Donna Howell-Sickles and John Sickles, says about herself, “I'm a sarcastic, witty, nerdy artist, designer, photographer, and lover of all punny ‘dad jokes’ who wakes up thrilled each day that I get to create things and make the world a prettier place".

“Whether catching the sun shining through a beautiful cloud-scape, or following a heard of bison through Yellowstone on elbows and knees, or getting lost in the details–I'm always looking for the next great shot.”

After graduating from Texas Tech University, Katie enjoyed careers in Chicago and San Francisco before returning to Texas. When she's not capturing her next shot, Katie spends her time freelancing as a graphic designer and marketing manager. While she and her husband and three sons live in Frisco, you'll often find her at the Davis & Blevins Gallery in Saint Jo, Texas working on curating and promoting the next exhibit.

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