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Fran Kievet

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For forty years I have been observing, questioning, analyzing, and practicing visual arts as a graphic designer and as a painter. What is apparent is that some art moves almost no one, some art moves many, but a few exceptional pieces move almost everyone. In fine art painting, "IT" isn't so much the subject matter but how the subject matter is put down on a simple piece of canvas or paper with any media.


Whatever the subject matter, for me it is foremost design of the main shapes and then color that rules. My explorations and pursuits in painting are always driven by the need to understand and master the subtleties and complexities of both while maintaining control of the materials and methods of which I am using.


Throughout the years of painting I have experimented with a variety of media and methods. There are so many avenues to take, each with it's own twist and turn and each offering it's own uniqueness, beauty and challenges. Different surfaces, pigments and tools... all are there for the artist to work with...and the exploration never ends.

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