Charles Ringer

I was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1948 and spent the next eighteen years familiarizing myself with the natural beauty of that area. After two years at the University of Colorado, I left Colorado to pursue my career. My wife, Emily, and I traveled the country for three years, living on the road and working out of a mobile studio that I built. This experience has proven to be the foundation of my education. We bought land in Joliet, Montana, in 1971 and converted the existing buildings into studio, gallery and living space, where we are educating our three children.

Being self taught in the art field for thirty years has given me a unique perspective and direction in life and art. I take industrial materials and transform them into delicate, but durable forms. My kinetic steel sculptures depict various animal shapes, animal-people relationships, geometric designs and social stereotypes. The motion is captivating to the onlooker, whose imagination, when stimulated, is transported into the fantasy portrayed by the sculpture.

108 S. Main Street  |  Saint Jo, Texas  |  76265,     940.995.2786

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