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exhibitions and openings 

 February 29, 2020 1-6 pm

Through An Artist's Lens - Photography Exhibition 


Willetta Crowe is a photographer documenting rural Texas life. Her work celebrates nature, tradition and changing times.  Through the years Willetta developed her eye for visual storytelling as a graphic artist and teacher/librarian. She continues to grow by taking classes and workshops.  She has won numerous awards including Best of Show in the Texas State Fair photography contest. Her work has been selected for Texas Photographic Society shows, and Texas Tech’s International Cultural Center Galleries’ High and Dry Photography Exhibit. 

Dodds Photo_003.jpg

Darrell Dodds   As a photojournalist and commercial photographer working in the equine and Western lifestyle industry, my goal is to make images that are complimentary to my subjects but also compelling enough to catch, and hold, the viewers attention. Simplicity in an image appeals to me more than complexity or technical wizardry. If a viewer believes they could have taken one of my photos if they had been there, then I have accomplished my goal.


Kelly Yandell is a Dallas based photographer and writer who does much of her work on a ranch in Clay County, Texas and the surrounding areas. Her background is food photography, but her joy is outdoor and landscape photography, particularly in rural settings. Her food and editorial work has been published in Edible Dallas & Fort Worth, Edible Austin and Texas Highways, as well as other online outlets. She is a graduate of Southern Methodist University and The University of Texas School of Law.

VWascovich image .jpg

Vaughn Wascovich is a fine art photographer and photographic educator. He has more than twenty years experience as a commercial photographer and broadcast producer, and has worked with a number of Fortune 500 companies as well as many major advertising agencies. He received his MFA from Columbia College Chicago, where he taught for a number of years, and is currently teaching at Texas A&M University where he is an Associate Professor. From 2004-2010 Professor Wascovich held the appointment of Visiting Scholar with the Harvard School of Public Health.

Dave Shafer was born and raised in the hard working steel country of Western Pennsylvania, his father at an early age introduced Dave to the camera and magic of the darkroom.

For 20 plus years his eye has been focused on commercial, advertising and magazine editorial pursuits. Dave has been recognized with some of the most prestigious awards in the industry, including two Communication Arts – Award of Excellence and just recently a Gold Medal from the International Regional Magazine Association.

His photographic art work is strongly rooted in Americana themes, adventures and totems. The images for this exhibit have all be captured with film and a 50+ year old 4x5 format camera. No matter the camera or subject, Dave's devotion is to capture the fleeting moments of gesture and light.


Debra Fox was born in Dallas Texas in 1960.  She studied large format, gelatin silver and alternative methods of photography under the mentorship of Charles DeBus, Senior Lecturer in Photography at Southern Methodist University.  The pressed plant exposures are not photography as it's generally thought of today.  The photogram or photogenic drawing process dates back to the 1830's.  These light sensitive methods reflect the humble beginnings of photography before photographic materials were light sensitIve enough to use with lenses.  The flowers, leaves and insects for the negatives are manipulated.  The final print can take from 4 days to 9  months of exposure to the sun.   Although She loved each form of photography in its own right, it was the more alternative light sensitive methods of creating an image that truly inspires her.   She currently lives on and helps maintain a 3500 acre wildlife/nature preserve on the Red River.  

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