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   Jack Walker 

"Sculpting the West...One Bronze at a Time"

JWalker HEad SHot .jpg

Jack Walker has forged his talent on the anvil of experience. His earliest influences were ranchers and horsemen, and his art is a glimpse into the daily life of the American Cowboy. The years spent working with cowboys, horses, and cattle bring depth and dimension to each piece he creates. He is well known for his detailed and accurate Western bronzes.

Jack`s life was redefined in 1999 when a friend, visiting the ranch where Jack was working, gave him a 10# block of sculpting clay. Jack quickly discovered a talent and passion for sculpting lifelike figures of cowboys, horses, and cattle. His wife, Fran, recognized his potential and convinced Jack to give up the physically demanding life of a cowboy and move to Scottsdale, AZ to pursue an art career.

On arriving in Scottsdale, Jack began marketing his artwork through a gallery on Main Street, public demonstrations, and art shows as he rapidly built an impressive client base and soon established himself as a respected Western artist. He has entered and won awards at some of the most prestigious fine art shows and has been featured in national publications, including "Southwest Art", "Horses In Art", "The Judges Choice" and "Western Horseman" magazines.

After showing his work successfully in Scottsdale and Sedona, AZ, Jack recently relocated to Clifton, TX, where he spends his days sculpting, playing his guitar, and regaling guests and visitors with stories of his life as a cowboy.

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