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Randy Meador
Watercolor Workshop
October 18, 19, 20

"That's Not Watercolor"

Donna's Church Studio

209 S. Main Street, Saint Jo, TX 76265

$325 per person      10am - 4pm each day

Beginners, Intermediates, Advanced – ALL WELCOME!

Call 940-995-2786 or email to reserve your spot today. These spots fill up FAST, and this is Randy's only workshop of the year, so DON'T WAIT!

Randy Meador is a wholly self-taught artist without instruction except his own exhaustive study of works by Winslow Homer, John Singer Sargent, Nicolai Fechin, and Joaquin Sorolla.

Born just a stone’s throw from the Waggoner Ranch in Vernon, Texas and raised on a smaller ranch in Central West Texas, he fell in love with the hues of the West and returned to those hues in 2007 as a full time artist.

In 2012 Randy began accepting workshop and demo requests. His animated and unorthodox stage presentations are filling much of his annual schedule, and are currently being developed into a syndicated television show.

Don’t miss out on this fun, mind-changing experience!

Watercolor Painting Materials List


Three or four quality watercolor brushes, round, sable, squirrel or blends

  • Size 4 – 12 ish “Silver Black Velvet” brand is a great brush! Reasonably Priced

  • Please don’t bring stiff oil brushes.  Super soft, absorbent, watercolor brushes

Watercolor paper:

  • Scratch/cheap watercolor paper for practice

  • 140# or 300# Cold Press Watercolor paper (2 full sheets, you will use 1/4's for several works ) 

  • If you can, don’t skimp on the quality.  Good paper is important.

Watercolor Back Board:

  •  Highly recommended! But ultimately optional

  • A flat wooden panel large enough to accommodate your paper (stapled or taped down) Soft, thin plywood works well.  Not necessary if block paper is used.


  • DO NOT BRING WHITE PAINT!!!!!  (He’ll make you eat it)

  • Very important for Randy’s approach.  Please bring Prussian Blue, Ivory Black

  • Beyond that, a few quality tubes of watercolor paint are all you need.  Quality if you can afford it.

  • Cobalt Blue, Ultramarine blue, cadmium red, cadmium yellow, raw umber, burnt umber, burnt sienna.  (Do not bring Gouache)


  • Anything flat, white and water resistant

  • Dinner plate, enamel butcher tray, watercolor palette, but not a little sissy one...big, bold!!


  • Water container (bucket, jar, cup, anything) Small spray bottle, paper towels, dark, heavy pencils (4B or heavier would be great).

  • IMPORTANT:  White plastic eraser, regular office stapler (not needed, if using block paper or taping your paper). Drafting or masking tape.


  • If you’ve experimented with water in the past, feel free to bring an example of your work.

  • If not, no sweat!

  • Randy will demonstrate how to transfer pattern onto paper so pre-setup needed.  


Mail order art supply catalogs:

Daniel Smith 1-800-426-7923

Cheap Joe’s 1-800-227-2788

If you have none of these items and can’t get any of these items, or you can only get some of them……. come anyway!    Artists share…

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