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Linda Lucas Hardy
Beginning Colored Pencil Workshop
August 2-4, 2024

Donna's Church Studio

209 S. Main Street, Saint Jo, TX 76265
August 2-4, 2024

$335 per person

Beginners, Intermediates, Advanced – ALL WELCOME!

Call 940-995-2786 or email to reserve your spot today. These spots fill up FAST, and this is Linda's only workshop of the year with us, so DON'T WAIT!

Visit Linda's Bio Page here

Beginning Colored Pencil – A Comprehensive Three-day Workshop

with Master Colored Pencil Artist, Linda Lucas Hardy, CPSA, CPX, TXN


How long have you had the desire to see what you could do with colored pencils but didn’t know where to begin? Wait no longer! Master colored pencil artist Linda Lucas Hardy, in this three-day workshop, is going teach you the many dimensions of this exciting, rich-hued, yet clean, very portable medium. 


Linda has designed a class to guide absolute beginners and intermediate artists to a level of producing professional, quality, colored pencil drawings/paintings through concise and “easy to digest” lessons. Not only will her workshop be fun and casual, it promises to be information-packed with plenty of demonstrations and individual attention.


Regardless of how much experience you’ve had, or what medium you’ve worked in, you will be thrilled to learn the “tricks” of the trade Linda has mastered through decades of colored pencil painting. A twenty-year veteran of teaching and workshop instruction, she has taught workshops and classes in 15 states and 2 countries, to hundreds of students aged 8 to 88.


In this workshop you will learn:

  • The most important developmental skill, gradation 

  • Layering & blending 

  • The advantages of managing pressure

  • Color mixing

  • How to fix mistakes by lifting pigment, rather than erasing 

  • About surfaces for colored pencil from sandpaper to drafting film

  • The different kinds of pencils, those that use wax and those that use oil as binders

  • How to read photographs

  • How to transfer images 

  • And much, much more


All materials, except for pencils and personal supplies, will be provided in an introductory packet. The packet will have everything you need for the workshop including paper with printed templates, instructions and photos. 


If that sounds like something you’ve been waiting for, simply sign up and get ready!

General Supply List:



  2. Battery operated pencil sharpener - NO hand held. Here is a link to a great one on Amazon.

  3. Batteries for sharpener

  4. Soft brush for brushing away loose pigment, a makeup brush will do

  5. Tacky – it’s the stuff you stretch to make sticky to hang posters on the wall

  6. Scotch tape in the Red Plaid dispenser 

  7. Drawing board, or a clip board, that will support an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper, preferably no smaller than 9 x 12. 

  8. NO PAPER IS NEEDED - Paper will be provided


Supplies provided by Instructor:

  • A packet with related workshop information and instructions 

  • All reference photos

  • Paper with printed templates

Prismacolor Premier Soft Core colored pencils ONLY in the following colors:

  • 901    Indigo Blue

  • 937    Tuscan Red

  • 925    Crimson Lake

  • 924    Crimson Red

  • 923    Scarlet Lake

  • 922    Poppy Red

  • 915    Lemon Yellow

  • 916    Canary Yellow 

  • 1002    Yellowed Orange

  • 917    Sunburst Yellow

  • 1003    Spanish Orange

  • 1032    Pumpkin Orange

  • 940    Sand

  • 914    Cream

  • 989    Chartreuse

  • 1004    Yellowed Chartreuse

  • 913    Spring Green

  • 912    Apple Green

  • 908    Dark Green

  • 1096    Kelly Green

  • 120    Sap Green Light

  • 289    Gray Green Light

  • 1091    Green Ochre

  • 1098    Artichoke

  • 1005    Limepeel

  • 938    White

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