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A Family Tradition

A Family Tradition


Here, the three Cowgirls stand for the three phases of the moon goddess-maiden, mother, and crone-and for the continuity of feminine wisdom through  generations.  The maiden, her energy and vitality evident, holds on to the pillar, an ancient representation of the Goddess.  The mother stands calmly, her arms folded.  She is in the autumn of her years, as the color of the background suggests and while a little more cautious than her daughter, she truly values who she is  and folds her arms as if to safeguard her thoughts and emotions.  The bull in the corner symbolizes her partnership with the masculine.  The wise woman, wearing Aphrodite's flowers, is totally grounded, comfortable with herself.  She literally doesn't even give us a look back.  

  • Specs

    21.5"x31.5" ©1999

    650 in edition 

  • Limited Edition Prints

    Signed by the artist and authentication provided

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