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Figure Drawing Workshop - click for more info

Donna Howell-Sickles

Donna's workshops are always packed with wonderful excitement, energy, curious attendees and lots of charcoal! Join us and learn from our favorite cowgirl how one line can change the whole piece and bring it to life!
Randy Meador photo.jpg

"That's Not Watercolor" Workshop - click for more info

Randy Meador

Randy's enthusiasm and natural charisma are enough to draw a crowd, but his skill and mastery of watercolor is what keeps the crowd around! His once-annual workshop sells out quickly and is always a fan favorite each year.

Nature Journaling Workshop - click for more info

Walt Davis

Walk through the woods with Walt as he teaches about the techniques he utilizes in his nature journals. Sketches, watercolors, notes & facts are jotted down in his journals, & lend their magic to future pieces once back in the studio.
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